George Stevens Resources - Careers

The employees and consultants of George Stevens Resources Co. are among the best in their various fields and disciplines. These hard working professionals keep up with the latest innovations and technologies to help deliver state of the art services and projects to our clients. The search for such highly skilled personnel is never ending. We invite you to submit your resume to us if you have any of the following qualifications:


Personnel Sought


Chemical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Facilities Engineers
Loss Prevention Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Petroleum Engineers
Process Engineers
Reservoir Engineers

Loss Prevention Inspector
Environmental Inspector
Safety Inspector

Completion Geologist
Computer Geologist
Production Geologist
Petrophysicist Seismologist
Well Site Geologist

Electrical Technicians
Production Technologist

Managerial Oppositions
Accounting Manager
Administration Manager
Data Processing Manager
Development Manager
Drilling Manager
Logistics Manager
Programming Manager
Project Manager
Sales Manager
Licensed Survey Manager
Technical Manager

Chief Geologist
Chief Geophysicist
Drilling Supervisor

Current Positions


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