George Stevens Resources - Engineering Design


Petrolog Group and Partners offer a wide range of expertise in engineering design, fabrication and startup of facilities related to:

  1. Gas Compression Plants
  2. Refineries


Gas Compression
Gas transmission companies, oil and gas producers, and manufacturers of heavy rotating equipment frequently call on us to design compression facilities. These facilities include onshore stations and offshore projects and may entail the following

  1. High-pressure injection
  2. Unusual gas compositions
  3. Wide variations in size and machinery type

Our compression experience encompasses both reciprocating and centrifugal compressors with all types of drivers, including turbines, engines, AC motors, and DC motors.

Petrolog Group and its partner have the capabilities of designing refineries of varying capacities involving

  1. Light crude
  2. Heavy crude
  3. High sulfur crude
  4. Treatment of high sulfur diesel

Process design of refineries could be adapted to the nature of feed as well as the products obtained. Petrolog Group has participated in some refinery proposals with negotiations in progress.

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